House System

The House System promotes healthy competition amongst its members and builds enthusiasm and motivation throughout the school community. All students are allocated a House when they begin at the College. Students from the same family will be placed in the same House.

Name Sake: The Avon River 
Colour: Blue to represent water 
Values: Valour – Bravery, Bold & Fearless 
House Support Officer: Rhiannon Thewlis
Name Sake: Henley Brook 
Colour: Green to represent the land 
Values: Honour – Respectful, Courageous
House Support Officer: Tracey Ginder
Name Sake: Ellen Stirling 
Colour: Yellow to represent the sun 
Values: Strength – Power, Endurance, Toughness
House Support Officer: Beni Hasler 
Name Sake: The Swan River 
Colour: Red to represent the red bill of the Black Swan 
Values: Wisdom – Knowledge, Intelligence, Skilful 

House Points
The houses are represented in a number of activities, including carnivals, lunch time sporting competitions, theatre sports and more. Students are also given the opportunity to earn individual House Points for displaying the College Values of ‘Engagement, Success and Community’ with the opportunity to be rewarded at the end of the year. 

House Leaders 
Our House Support Officers (HSO) are the first face of Student Services. They tirelessly work with students who come in seeking appointments to discuss education, personal or social matters and work with an array of people to develop strategies and monitor situations. The HSO’s communicate and liaise between students, parents, teachers and other Student Services personnel. As an added bonus, they also cook breakfast twice a week for our ‘Breakfast Club’ and invite all students to attend – Wednesday and Fridays 7.40am to 8.30am. 

House History
In 2011 four house systems were established; Avon, Henley, Stirling and Swan. The purpose of the house systems is to encourage competition, create a sense of belonging, build the school’s culture and have students take pride in the school. As well as providing staff with opportunities to develop and exhibit their leadership qualities within the school community. There are four house leaders, four house captains and four house-vice captains. Media students in Years 9 and 10 were given an extension task to create a set of 4 shields and consider ideas such as a mascot, key phrase and graphic design.