College Policies

Assessment Policies

Year 7-10 Assessment Policy

Senior School Assessment Policy

Whole School Positive Behaviour Plan (WSPB)

Department of Education schools in Western Australia seek to provide every child with the educational support a student needs to learn and maintain positive behaviour.

Download our WSPB Plan here.

Mobile Devices

The Department of Education introduced an ‘off and away all day’ mobile policy, beginning 2020. You can download the College’s updated mobile device policy, reflecting these changes, here.

School Based Traineeship Policy

School Based Traineeships (SBT) provide students aged 15 or older with employment skills, practical industry experience and a national recognised qualification while still completing secondary school qualifications. SBT’s can be more than just jobs, they are an effective way to set students up in chosen careers. Read our policy on SBT’s here.

Notice of Arrangement (NOA)

A NOA is specifically used for young people in the final years of compulsory education (typically Year 11 and 12). An NOA is used for an alternative to full time school in one or more activities such as approved forms of education, training or employment.  A combination of activities is permissible provided they equate in total to full-time participation. The form is available for download here.

Energy Drinks

Students are not permitted* to consume ‘energy’ or high-caffeine drinks anywhere on the College grounds including car parks, the library, and areas just outside College gates.

Large bottles of ‘fizzy’ drinks are also not permitted (greater than 600mL).

* Exceptions only for students with documented medical needs.

Extreme Weather Protocols

The WA Department of Education does not have a blanket ‘heat policy’ applying when days are very hot or a wet weather policy.

Schools must ensure that student and staff wellbeing is addressed. Please refer to our statement for further information.


All students are required to adhere to the Ellenbrook Secondary College ICT Acceptable Usage Agreement.

Uniform and Dress Code

Ellenbrook Secondary College seeks to promote a high standard of dress and personal presentation. It is a public school requirement that students comply with the dress code unless they have been granted an exemption.

Our uniforms are available for purchase at Lowe’s. You can either visit them at their store inside Ellenbrook Central shopping centre or online.

Student Vehicle Parking Policy

For students who will be driving themselves to and from the College, please complete the Student Vehicle Parking Form and have approval from both their parent/guardian and a College administrator. 

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (the national data collection or NCCD) is a joint initiative of all Australian governments and all state and territory government and non-government education authorities. 

National data is collected annually to identify the number of school students with disability and the level of reasonable educational adjustment provided for them. From 2015, all government and non-government schools will participate annually in the national data collection.
The College is involved in NCCD, please find here a note with further details and information about it.