Student Services - College Nurse

The College has a Community Health Nurse, Ms Joanne Gorey.

Our nurse may be contacted directly if needed on 9297 9712.

Parents are encouraged to advise the College as soon as possible when child health issues change, so all our staff can be made ware.

The College requires an Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) copy of your child’s proof of immunisation status or in rare cases proof of medical exemption. If this has not been provided and your child is susceptible (unimmunised, non-immune) there are processes that will be followed, such as possible exclusion for a period of time.

Please review your child’s immunisation status at the below contacts and ensure a copy has been provided to the school:

ACIR Ph. 1800653809

Medicare: either in a branch, with an online account through myGov or via Express Plus, their mobile app

Alternative, your local GP may also be able to assist with any queries related to immunisation.