Student Services - Pastoral Care

Students have a team of people they can speak to about their pastoral care needs. This includes matters regarding uniform, social issues, mental health, classes, homework, attendance, study, subject selection, career pathways and more.

Year 7-10 Students

The Year Centre (7-10) houses the following staff to assist with student needs:

Year 7 Coordinator – Mr Dunstan

Year 8 Coordinator – Ms Byrnes

Year 9 Coordinator – Ms Rogers

Year 10 Coordinator – Ms Richardson

Student Services Manager (Attendance) – Mr Witt

Student Services Manager (Year 7 & 8) – Ms Walters

Student Services Manager (Year 9 & 10) – Mr Dullard

Year 11-12 Students

The Senior School Year Centre welcomes students to seek information and support. It is the hub for emotional support, course information, and university/TAFE and pathway details with a range of people to assist students.

Year Coordinators, Mr Penfold-Marwick (Yr 12) and Mr Imrie (Yr 11) are based here, as well as Miss Fragall the Student Services Manager and Ms Lovelock, the College’s Dean of Studies.