Pastoral Care

Students have a team of staff members dedicated to supporting them with their pastoral care needs. This includes matters regarding mental health and wellbeing, social and emotional support, practical issues (uniform, attendance, etc.) and academic questions, such as subject selections, career pathways, homework and more.

The College prides itself on having a strong Student Support Centre. We have a team specialising in positive behaviour support, who focus on the many aspects of student wellbeing. Throughout the school year, the Support Centre facilitates a range of activities and discussions for students which cover essential topics like social media usage, bullying and mental health.

The Support Centre comprises of the Student Services Manager, a Psychologist, Nurse, First Aid Officer, Defence Transition Mentor, AIEO (Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer), Chaplain, House Support Officers, an Education Support team, and teachers who ensure our students receive the best pastoral care possible.

All students are allocated to a House when they begin at the College, which they will be connected to for Home Room, carnivals and a number of other features of College life. Students can participate in these activities to win points for their Houses and to be a strong part of the Ellenbrook Secondary College community.

Students are also given the opportunity to earn House Points for displaying the College values of Engagement, Success and Community, with the opportunity to be rewarded as the winning House at the end of the year.

There are four houses at Ellenbrook Secondary College: Avon, Henley, Stirling and Swan.

Our House Support Officers (HSO) are the main support personnel in Student Services. They work tirelessly with students to discuss their education pathways, personal or social matters and work with an array of people to develop supportive strategies and to guide students through their educational pathways. The HSO’s communicate and liaise with students, parents, teachers and other Student Services personnel.

Rhiannon Thewlis – House Support Officer (Avon)

Tyler Resuggan – House Support Officer (Swan)

Tracey Ginder – House Support Officer (Henley)

Beni Hasler – House Support Officer (Stirling)

Geoffrey Pielow – Student Services Manager



Rayne McKechnie – Student Services Coordinator


Karyn Townsand and Elisa Kitchin- Student Services Administration


Alex Roberts – Student Services Coordinator

Beni Hasler – House Support Officer (Stirling)

Rhiannon Thewlis – House Support Officer (Avon)

Tyler Resuggan – House Support Officer (Swan)

Tracey Ginder – House Support Officer (Henley)

Also a part of the student services team are:

Psychologist, Liesel Lavender 

Defence Transition Mentor (DTM), Janelle Wallace

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO), Amanda Christou

First Aid Officer, Joanne Hunt

Community Health Nurse

All of Student Services team can be reached via our main reception number of 9297 9700.