House System

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All students are allocated a House when they begin at the College. These Houses are represented in a number of activities, including carnivals, lunch time sporting competitions, theatre sports and more.

Students are also given the opportunity to earn individual House Points for displaying the College Values ‘Engagement, Success and Community’ with the opportunity to be rewarded at the end of the year.

There are four houses at Ellenbrook Secondary College: Avon, Henley, Stirling and Swan.

Our House Support Officers (HSO) are the first face of Student Services. They tirelessly work with students who come in seeking appointments to discuss education, personal or social matters and work with an array of people to develop strategies and monitor situations. The HSO’s communicate and liaise between students, parents, teachers and other Student Services personnel. As an added bonus, they also cook breakfast twice a week for our ‘Breakfast Club’ and invite all students to attend – Wednesday and Friday 7:40am to 8:30am.

Rhiannon Thewlis – House Support Officer (Avon)

Tyler Resuggan – House Support Officer (Swan)

Tracey Ginder – House Support Officer (Henley)

Beni Hasler – House Support Officer (Stirling)