College Clubs

Updated February 2021 

Mathematics Department

Mathematics Homework Club

3:00pm until 4:00pm every Tuesday after school at LC3 South Computer Lab

The Mathematics Department at the College offer free homework classes to all students on Tuesdays after school. All students are welcome to bring along unfinished work and get help from a teacher.


English Department

Dungeons and Dragons

Friday afternoons, 3:00pm – 4:30pm in LC4.1 

Dungeons and Dragons is an engaging, interactive table-top game where students create and role-play their personally designed characters, as they explore a fantasy world. Students spend their time creating characters, discussing strategy, maths and physics, and interacting with their fellow peers. 


The Arts After School Clubs

Hip Hop Tribe

Every Tuesday after school in the Dance Room

This is a student run program, where leaders in Years 11 and 12 teach younger students hip hop sequences to create a performance for Showcase. The program provides students with the opportunity to expand their dance technique and skills. 

Any student in Years 7 – 12 interested in improving and showcasing their Street Dance skills can come along. Hip-Hop Tribe is a sign up club – anyone is welcome but attendance needs to be consistent to create performances 

Musical Production

Rehearsals are every Tuesday afternoon until 5 pm at the Performing Arts Centre for Years 7 – 12 students  

Learn and perform a play to the public in Term 3.  

A successful audition in Term 1 will see students granted with a role in the cast. Cast sizes are limited according to the play so it is a competitive audition process to be involved  

The club is run to showcase our budding young actors within the community. It allows students with a passion for the Arts and performance to have a moment to shine on the stage and to be surrounded with like-minded peers from across the years. The team-building and bonding that occurs within a production is a sight to behold and gives many students their purpose and place of belonging while at school.  

Media/Photography Homework Club

Monday, 3pm until 4pm – Media 1 Classroom 

This club is for any student in Year 7 – 12 who would like to expand their skills in Media and Photography and catch up on any missed work 

Students complete assessments and practise camera and software skills 

Students can get involved by collecting a note from the Arts Office or by seeing Mr Tilbury 

Students benefit from extra time with access to our software and studios for filming and photography. The club supports students who want to expand their knowledge and practice. 

Visual Arts Homework Club

Every Thursday after school until 5pm in Visual Arts 2

The Visual Arts Homework Club is for Art students in all year levels who would like more time to work on their work from class. It is located in Visual Arts 2. To take part, students should talk to their Art teacher to get a permission form which needs to be completed and handed in. Art can be quite time consuming to develop the skills to achieve top marks so this provides student with more time to practise and also to resolve their work to a higher standard.  

Minecraft Club

Every Monday and Wednesday during Lunch 1 and Lunch 2 in the Media 1 classroom

The Minecraft club is open to all year levels who would like to develop their skills and understanding of Minecraft: Education Edition. Students train and work together to build worlds and practice their skills. Notes can be collected from Mr Tilbury in the Arts Office.

eSports Club

Mr Tilbury has co-ordinated the ESC eSports club run in conjunction with Flaktest since 2019. Students participate in friendly competition playing some of their favourite games on console and PC. For 2021, the club will be run on an informal basis, as Flaktest is currently developing their new software. Students wanting to participate should see Mr Tilbury in the Arts Office for more details.


Technologies Department

RoBotics Club

Every Monday and Tuesday 3:00pm until 4:00pm at LC4 IT1

Students use Lego (EV3 Mindstorms) to design robots / machines which they can program to complete challenges. Learn how robots work and play around with building and inventing things through hands on digital projects in the Science and Engineering space at the Robotics Club! To get involved, See Mrs Nicholson for a permission form.

The club aims to get students involved in programming and to get students working together and collaborating, tinkering.


Student Services

Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday and Friday 8:00am until 8:40am at the Student Services Courtyard.

Everyone is welcome along. You are also invited to come along and help prepare food.

Kapahaka Group

Every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00pm until 5:00pm in the Dance room.

Any student in Years 7 – 12 can participate.

Learn Traditional Maori songs, hakas and other group performance skills. 

To get involved, just turn up and be ready to commit to rehearsals and performances 

The Club provides the Maori students and anyone who wishes to join the group with positive influences and role models that can help them achieve a sense of self-worth and pride in the Maori Culture. This is celebrated by performances at assemblies, Showcases, ANZAC Day Dawn Services, and other community events. 


Humanities and Social Sciences

Trading Cards Game Club

Every Tuesday afternoon in LC 1.6

After-school club for students that would like to play Trading Card Games such as Magic the Gathering and Pokémon.