P & C

Image: Multicultural Festival 2021 

The Parents and Citizens (P&C) is a school-based organisation with membership open to parents, teachers, students and interested citizens. The P&C committee has three sub committees: Music, Drama and Fundraising and supporting the Breakfast Club. The P&C invites all interested parties to attend meetings which occur Week 4 and Week 8 of every term from 5 – 7pm in the Conference Room.

The P&C committee aims to:

  • provide a platform to bring parents, citizens, students and teaching staff together;
  • give parents a chance to be aware of all school activities;
  • provide opportunity to contribute to the school’s resources through various fundraising events; and
  • involve parents in discussing how the money raised is spent.

P&C membership and participation in P&C meetings are voluntary. The P&C meetings provide great opportunity to meet other parents, hear about what is going on within the school and to voice your opinion on how P&C funds  should be distributed. In addition, the Principal will report on school activities and be able to answer questions.

If you would like to get involved with the P&C, please contact secretary.escpandc@gmail.com 

President: Adrian Clarke

Vice President: Julie Roscoe

Secretary: Georgina Clarke

Treasurer: TBC

Executive Members:  Tonia Bailey, Stuart Rhine-Davis, Donna Hallett, Jadie Dempsey