Earlier in the year our Principal Heath Dullard and teacher Emma Rushton presented at The State School Teachers Union of W.A Inc (SSTUWA) to share their experience and knowledge of teaching through Instructional Intelligence.

“Heath shared his experience of working with instructional intelligence with his staff at Ellenbrook and provided great insights while demonstrating new strategies for the group. Teams Game Tournament (TGT) was a great strategy used to review instructional intelligence content with the group. Participants enjoyed the competitiveness of this strategy and worked very hard to win the box of chocolates and bottle of wine on offer as prizes. Heath then explained how TGT strategy could be applied and in classrooms across all learning areas. Heath commented that he was extremely grateful for the SSTUWA’s on-going commitment and support of instructional intelligence: “Our work with the union has been instrumental in producing and implementing a whole-school approach to effective classroom practice at Ellenbrook Secondary College,” he said.

Emma Rushton, also from Ellenbrook Secondary College, took the group through a jigsaw strategy and again highlighted the importance of accountability and safety when using this method.”