Colours Awards

August 17 & 18 saw The College hold two Colours Awards Nights for both our Year 11 and 12 students. The Colours Awards night is an important date in the College’s diary as it celebrates students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in four categories; Academic, Endeavour, Community and Performance.

Congratulations to all our students who deservedly won awards. The College would especially like to congratulate the following students who received three or more awards.
Year 12 students – three awards each: Academic, Endeavour and Performance

• Harrison Clarke
• Prachi Dave
• Shyanne Howey
• Maddison Hyde
• Aryon Menon
• Thomas Clarke was awarded four colours: Academic, Endeavour, Community and Performance

Year 11 students – three awards each: Academic, Endeavour and Performance

• Chelsea Dunning
• Jaelyn Hunt
• Timothy Jason
• Ella Macleod
• Dylan Mullaley
• Inaya Valles
• Nicholas Lehmann: Endeavour, Community and Performance
• Alyssa Lothian: Academic, Endeavour and Community
• Holly Westlake was awarded four colours: Academic, Endeavour and two Performance awards.

A special thank you to Mr Rhine-Davis, Mr Jason Wood and our Specialist Vocal Choir for performing on the night and adding a touch of class.

Thank you to guest speaker Mr Dusan Nikora (Head Councillor 2019) for speaking about his journey post Ellenbrook Secondary College. Dusan described the skills he learned at the College, which have enabled him to secure a place at WAAPA – his “dream university”.