Program Partners

Clontarf Foundation

The Clontarf Foundation has 150 Academies around Australia. The Foundation supports, mentors, and equips young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men between Year 7 and 12 to participate meaningfully in society. The Clontarf Academy is a life skills, mentoring and development program for these young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. 

The Clontarf program involves regular weekly activities and periodic incentive excursions such as football training, group breakfasts and lunches, camps, trips, employment visits and more. The program revolves around having a vibrant Academy room where the boys feel comfortable, providing a sense of ownership to a safe, fun and positive space at school. 

Once a Clontarf boy reaches Year 10, there is an increasing focus on employment. Every term, the senior boys take part in a workplace visit. This provides the boys with practical exposure to a workplace, reinforces the importance of work, broadens their understanding of employment prospects in the area, and builds their capacity to transition from school to work. The boys are then supported to further their education and employment pathways through their employment team for however long they need support. 

Once a student is enrolled at the College, contact Wayne Young for a Clontarf Enrolment form.

To read more, please download the Ellenbrook Clontarf Academy brochure below.


Deadly Sista Girlz

Delivered by strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female role models and mentors, the aim is to better connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls between the ages of 8 and 17 as friends, confidants and mentors. DSG encourage and inspire these girls to become positive role models in their community and achieve every success in their schooling. 

The program offers a safe and open environment where girls can express and discuss personal feelings and issues they may be facing. There are one-on-one and group mentoring activities available, that address key issues relating to Indigenous teenage women. These group mentoring activities include connecting participants with other schools and community services which are relevant to their needs. Each year group meet once a week for one hour.

To get involved in the DSG program, students should visit DSG staff for enrolment forms.