Integrated Curriculum and Direct Instruction


Integrated Curriculum program 2020 integrates a Kitchen-Garden program, Aboriginal Literacy Strategy and STEM into MESH subjects and Options. It is designed at the level appropriate to students’ needs. The program activities provide strong links to all learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. By participating in hands-on activities in the kitchen and garden, students develop real-life literacy and numeracy skills. It is based on the routine which creates a safe and engaging environment for all.


Students who require additional support in literacy and numeracy are enrolled in Direct Instruction (DI) classes for Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) and English.

The aim of the program is to fill gaps in learning and allow students acquisition of concepts at an individual pace. DI classes are organised in small groups to make sure students will achieve enough progress to move into mainstream classes. The content of the program is based on explicit teaching and mastery learning, allowing gradual and consistent progress and mastery of new skills.