Learning Support

Students with disability

Ellenbrook Secondary College caters to and supports the needs of students with imputed and diagnosed disabilities. Learning Support across the college is derived from a team of experienced and dedicated teachers and education assistants. Students with special education needs (SEN) and disability are supported within their mainstream classes through differentiated curriculum, individualised and modified programs, carefully considered and personalised special educational plans (SEN plans) that are developed in collaboration with parents, therapists and external providers. The Department of Education endorses onsite therapy subject to parent request.


Learning Hub

In the middle of 2022, Ellenbrook Secondary College was benefited from the inclusion of a ‘Learning Hub’ within the mainstream. The Hub is an inclusive and safe space that nurtures the social and emotional wellbeing of students with imputed and diagnosed disabilities or students with learning difficulties. With support from a dedicated and passionate team, students can access the Hub for a regulation break or can utilise the calm and quiet classroom space to complete assessments and course work as required.

Social Club

The social club program runs each day during lunch 1 and lunch 2, consisting of optional games and activities that students can engage and participate in. Education assistants explicitly model and teach social skills such as turn taking, following rules, engaging in conversations and understanding unwritten social rules fostering friendships in a fun and safe environment.


Education Support

Students with moderate to high needs may be eligible for placement in specialised Education Support classes. This includes students with an Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder with a demonstrated high educational need. Together with small classroom sizes, specialist teachers and programs, students are supported to reach their learning goals with emphasis on becoming independent and active members of the community. For further information please contact the College on 9297 9700.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Parents and families who are linked in with and navigating external support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are welcomed to seek support from College staff in regard to their child’s plan and in particular school leavers employment support pathways.