Two successful shows down and a very proud College of our music students. A lot of extra time and effort has been put into these performances and it was amazing to see them come to life. Here is a message from our Director of Music..

“The Specialist Music Program at Ellen brook Secondary College has been operational since the commencement of the College in 2007 and has provided our students with unique experiences and educational pathways to excellence and success. With the arrival of COVID 19 last year, our school went into lockdown and the Specialist Music Program went into shutdown, with only the Semester 2 Showcases going ahead.

This year, however, was going to be different, as with all restrictions lifted we were able to resume our standard events … or so we thought. Then came a series of lockdowns that affected our ANZAC Day Dawn Service Performance and Primary School Tours. With the support of the College Executive, we rescheduled our Dawn Service performance and presented an evening concert for the community that linked in with a Parent Evening. With the assistance of our Primary Schools, we also rescheduled the Primary School Tours. All was now ready for the Semester 2 End of Year Showcase extravaganzas to go ahead and all ensembles were well prepared and on track to be as spectacular as ever. I left my final Term 3 rehearsals in Week 10 full of excitement, knowing that we were where we needed to be.

However, I was not able to see these rehearsals through to the end,due to a very serious cycling accident. We are only here tonight due to the commitment and support of Associate Principal Paul Clarke, Head of Arts, Donna Hallett and two other people, whom I will forever be truly indebted; Lachlin Brooks-Crew and Mathew Leak who not only took over my ensembles, but Lachlin also ran the Specialist Music Program. I am also truly grateful for the dedication, professional approach and commitment of our IMSS staff and students, who have worked incredibly hard to get their performances to the standards that are required of the Ellenbrook Secondary College Specialist Music Program. We have finally arrived at the nexus of our journey. The path beyond here is now ready for you to witness the performance, respect, discipline, integrity and teamwork of the Ellenbrook Secondary Specialist Music students.”

Thank you.
Stuart Rhine-Davis

Director of Music

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Photography: Nick Lance