An excellent choice!

I was fortunate enough to be a parent visiting your Assembly yesterday.

Firstly I wish to thank Mr Roberts for his encouragement and support for our child during their ‘performance’ and also the encouragement that would have been required to get them in front of the school in the first place.  It was much appreciated and a wonderful boost to my child’s confidence and self belief, and they did us very proud.

However, I also wish to express just how very impressed I was with the whole assembly.  The behaviour of your students, all 1000++ of them.  WOW.

I was even more impressed by the show of the very school values that were mentioned by the Acting Headmaster, Engagement, Community and Success.

When a student faltered or made an error there wasn’t any derision or negativity thrown.  The student body as a whole was engaged with each performance in such a supportive and positive way.

Clapping and cheering to encourage.  It was wonderful to experience.

Our family has been associated with Ellenbrook Secondary College since 2015 and this is our last few weeks.  It has been an excellent choice for both our kids.  One child received the support and encouragement that they needed and the other has been appreciated and rewarded for their efforts during their time attending.  I have always felt comfortable recommending the ESC to friends, and the experience yesterday has only reinforced my confidence.

Congratulations.  My family wish you all success in the coming years.

Kindest regards,

Alison V